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What is the jump starter battery and how does it work?


The jump starter battery is a portable starting power supply that integrates power supply and charging functions. Its main role is to provide temporary power for the car to restart when the car cannot start. Meanwhile, the jump starter battery has the function of tire inflation to escort the trip. The jumper starter battery can also provide charging services for mobile phones, tablets and other digital devices.

The jump starter battery usually uses high-rate lithium batteries. The high-rate lithium iron phosphate battery produced by Joysun New Energy is used by most high-end brand jump starter manufacturers. The jump starter, which using Joysun’s high-rate li-ion battery cell, can output several hundred amps of starting current instantaneously. Because of the quality and stability of Joysun's high-rate lithium battery, this kind of power supply meets the needs of car start-up, but also has stable and safe characteristics.

jump starter

So, are you curious about how the jumpstarter works?

1. Power input: The jump starter usually obtains power by connecting the positive and negative terminals of the car battery. When the power supply is input, the self-throwing and self-restoring device inside the jump starter begins to work.

2. Voltage regulation: The self-throwing and self-restoring device charges and manages the input AC through the charger with its system controller. At the same time, if the input AC is normal, the system controller will issue instructions to make the inverter switch to the critical state.

3. Inverter start: When the AC power is interrupted or overvoltage, the controller system will issue instructions to the self-throwing and self-restoring device. Then, it will switch the current to the inverter power supply. Meanwhile, the power stored in the battery will be converted into direct current through the inverter to supply other products.

4. Cyclic power supply: When the input AC voltage is normal, the controller system will issue instructions again to make the inverter switch to the critical state. At this time, the self-throwing and self-restoring device converts from the inverter to alternating current and provides power to other products, meanwhile, it also charges the battery pack. This process is ongoing to ensure that the jump starter can continue to provide power to other devices.

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