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Do we need an jump starter?


The jump starter is to protect the vehicle circuit and battery, to avoid the emergence of flame-out, electric hammer. At the same time, it can also provide stable power supply for vehicle equipment. However, if the vehicle circuit detection is intact, the vehicle starts normally, and the battery is well maintained, the jump starter seems not so necessary.

the jump starter

We can give you a point in time as areference.

1. Our car is a new car within two years. The use and maintenance records are intact. The car does not have any problems. The battery is working condition normally. The car can be successfully started every day. Thus, there is no need to equip with the jump starter.

2.However, if the car is used for more than three years, or even longer, or the vehicle has fault electricity, leakage and other situations, you need to buy the jump starter.

So, what are the specific advantages of the jump starter?

1. Portable design: The jump starter is usually designed to be very small and portable. It is convenient for users to use anytime and anywhere in the car or outdoors. It’s small and does not occupy an area.

2. Multi-functional integration: In addition to starting the car, some kinds of jump starters supply also integrate mobile charging, compass, night lighting, SOS signal lights, tire air, tire pressure monitoring and other functions. It’s convenient for users to use in a variety of situations.

3. Quick start: Due to the large battery capacity of the jump starter, it can provide higher current to start the car, so that the car can start quickly.

4. Safe and reliable: the jump starter is usually equipped with an intelligent control system. The system can prevent the occurrence of overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, etc., and to ensure safe and reliable use.

5. Adaptability: the jump starter can adapt to a variety of different models and battery specifications. It’s convenient for users to use between different models.

The strength of the jump starter depends on the quality of the battery cell inside it. The high-rate LiFePO4 battery cells produced by Joysun are used by many well-known jump starter manufacturers at home and abroad. The above advantages of the jump starter produced by them are significantly higher than the average level of the peer.

the scenarios for ajump starter

Are you curious what are the scenarios for a jump starter?

1. The car will not start.

2. Outdoor activities and emergency rescue.

3. Power interruption or field work.

4. Testing and maintenance of on-board

electronic equipment.

5. Vehicle troubleshooting.

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