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Global lithium battery market analysis

With the increasingly significant global greenhouse effect, the governments of various countries around the world have increased the importance of renewable resources. Under this development background, benefiting from the rapid development of the market for new energy vehicles, the global power battery installed capacity in 2021 is about 290GWh, up about 113.2% year-on-year. The global lithium battery market is growing rapidly, gradually completing the transformation from policy-driven to market-driven. Therefore, the new energy field is one of the main driving factors for the development of lithium battery market.
In the market segment of lithium battery, it mainly includes power lithium battery, energy storage lithium battery and consumer lithium battery. In terms of global production, the market share of power lithium batteries in 2021 is about 70.8%, followed by consumer lithium batteries and energy storage lithium batteries, accounting for 22.2% and 7%, respectively. As countries around the world have put forward the strategic goal of "carbon peak", enterprises gradually increase the market layout of power lithium battery and energy storage lithium battery. Therefore, the rapid development of global energy storage market can improve the market share of power lithium battery and energy storage lithium battery to a certain extent.
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